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Thread: How to Make your Bedroom Side Table Beautiful photos

Your current bedroom side table probably houses a lamp, an alarm clock and your night time glass of water. Have you ever thought of how to beautify your side table

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    How to Make your Bedroom Side Table Beautiful photos

    Your current bedroom side table probably houses a lamp, an alarm clock and your night time glass of water. Have you ever thought of how to beautify your side table to compliment the bedroom décor? Your side tables can be matching or not, minimal or robust. Some prefer side tables that hold their collectibles, while some see it as a place to house a beautiful piece of décor. Whichever is your style, here are tips for making your bedroom side table beautiful.
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    • Choose the role of your side table: Your bed is usually the focal point of your bedroom. Decide how you use your side table (s). Do you only use them to hold a lamp, or do you keep books and important ‘arms length’ supplies at your bed side too? If you just want it for decoration, then choose one that fits with the décor and compliments the style of your bed. If you want it for function too, assess how much should be housed here and what can go on a bookshelf, cabinet or other storage area.

    Make your Bedroom Side Table bedside-table_gray-e1289040661512.jpg

    • Accentuate your side table with décor: If you prefer to use your side table for display, choose décor that won’t hinder your sleeping. For example an expensive vase on a side table in a home that has two large dogs that sleep in the bed every night is not a good idea. You may opt for wall sconces that hang from either side of the bed as your décor, and keep the side table for the alarm clock and a family photo. Determine how your bedroom will benefit from the addition or sometimes the subtraction of one bed side table.

    Make your Bedroom Side Table bedside-table_modern-brown-e1289041397282.jpg

    • How many bed side tables do you need: In a perfect world of huge bedrooms, two large bed side tables are ideal. In the real world where bedrooms are smaller than we’d like, it may be more feasible for only one side table to adorn your bedside. Remember, side tables don’t have to match. Consider using different heights or even different types of side tables. If you can unite them together with a common theme, like matching lamps, then the actual tables will flow effortlessly in with the décor.

    Make your Bedroom Side Table bedside-table_pink-e1289040583169.jpg

    • Beautify with storage: To make your side table beautiful and add storage consider choosing one with drawers and/or shelving. These are perfect for storing a few books, reading glasses and the remote controls. If you prefer to have all of your storage hidden, consider using under bed storage along with your bed side tables. From rolling plastic sweater bins that fit under your bed to gorgeous baskets, under bed storage is often forgotten. This will free up your side table for only holding and displaying what it needs.

    Bed side tables are the balancing feature of the bed and they make your bedroom a complete concept. Whether you choose to use yours for function and/or décor, the side table can do it effortlessly. For the holidays add seasonal touches to your tables to bring festivity into the bedroom. Don’t neglect your side table, they are the forgotten gem in the bedroom that can make it shine!

    How to Make your Bedroom Side Table Beautiful photos

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    I have a rule in the house. That is no food or drinks in bedrooms.We dont eat where we sleep. Nothing worse than having crumbs in your bed. or Drink stains on the bedroom floor. Where u sleep.

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    Side tables can be beautify by putting some photo frames on it and put lamps on both table. Put some show piece on it. Lamps are very important on side tables and put some flowers on side tables in any container.

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    I have been planning about how I need to decorate my bedroom.I wanted to put bamboo lamps and I bought two but they are too big and just don't look right. Our feature wall is Grey so any suggestions of what I could put on our bedside table to vamp it up would be great.I was thinking something red but not sure of what.



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